Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yosemite Part 1

I had great intentions of blogging our vacation this year while we were on it. We always have some down time at the hotel in the evening and I thought it would be fun to blog as we went, I even added  extra data to my cell plan before we left. So wouldn't you know, there was no coverage in our hotel. None! And the only way to get WiFi was for $9 a day in the lobby. So I didn't blog along the way. But I did keep a journal (just like my mom) and am going to break down the trip into a few parts so I don't have to sit at the computer for so many hours at a time :) Some of this will be wordy, just in case we ever get back there again I can look back and see what we already did, and what was our favorite things. So if it gets too boring just look at the pictures ;) Here we go!

Day 1:
Off towards Vegas! Not exactly the fastest route to Yosemite but we wanted to make the trip there part of vacation too so we stayed at the Mirage and had tickets to the Beatles LOVE show. My mom and Craig were in Mesquite and got a deal so they met us for dinner and the show. Wow was that a great show! So much going on at times though I think it needs to be seen more than once. I would find myself mesmerized by something going on in the air and then look down to find skate ramps had appeared on the stage. And I am actually glad we had the cheap tickets in the back because there was part that would not have been the same if we had been lower. If we ever go through Vegas again I think I would see it another time. Had a nice visit with my mom too, it was fun to see her even if it was just a quick visit.

We also got a kick out of all the dumb stuff in the room you could buy. The whole fridge was full! Good thing we didn't need to use it.

Day 2:
Met up with mom for breakfast at Carnegie Deli and then we were on the road again. Stopped for gas in Beatty and and decided to detour through Death Valley. What a waste of time, very ugly but at least now we can mark it off the National park list.

The road between Benton and Yosemite sure was fun,lots of dips. It was like riding the new Cars ride at Disneyland without the line! Entered the park through Tioga pass, I was blown away by the beauty. Nature can really amaze me, it was just so pretty and the smell, I wish I could bottle it and take it home. Shawn pointed out a deer on the side of the road I said "Did you see it Jeans?" she replied "Yes, was it real?" Guess we are really raising a city kid ;)

Made it to our hotel in El Portal, Yosemite Cedar Lodge, nothing too fancy but it is close to Yosemite Valley and has lots of room for us to spread out in. Plus the fridge is empty and super cold! Were surprised to find we didn't have cell service, guess we will be roughing it.

That's it for part 1, the next part will have a lot more pictures I promise :)

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