Friday, June 28, 2013

Yosemite Part 3

Day 4:Today we head to Mariposa Grove to see the giant Sequoia trees. I have been looking forward to this since we decided to visit Yosemite.I remember all the Sequoias and drive through trees we saw on a trip along the west coast with my parents as a kid and the trees always stuck with me. I am just amazed to think of all that went on in the world all around them as they just stood there and became even more beautiful. Can you see tiny Athena at the base of this tree? Just to give you an idea of how big they are she is close to 5'3" now and she looks like an ant next to it!

The roots of a fallen sequoia

The Grizzly Giant
The Grizzly Giant is the largest tree in the park. Some things we read have it at about 1,800 years old while others say 2,700. Either way that is one old tree! You may have noticed some haze in the pictures from yesterday. There were 2 or 3 fires burning in the park while we were there. We learned that the Sequoias depend on fire to grow so big and live so long. Their bark is very fire resistant and their branches start very high up the tree so the fires help to burn out other types of trees that would fight for space with them. Pretty amazing that fire can actually help trees.
Another shot of the Grizzly Giant

 This is the California Tunnel Tree. Can you believe a horse drawn stage could pass through that hole. I bet it would be hard to find a modern car that could make it, it seemed like such a tiny space.

I had to get a "tree-hugger" shot!
One more to show the massive size of these things

Another crowded shuttle ride back down to our car and then a beautiful drive to Glacier Point. Wow what a view. I could have sat and stared at it for days. Got another great panoramic shot here. They just don't look right on the blog though, I will post them on flickr at some point too so you can get a better idea of the beauty. Although there isn't really any picture that can do it justice. Saw a shirt in the gift shop with a great quote on it "you can't carry the weight of the world on your shoulders when you are standing on top of it" didn't like the shirt but love the quote :) Had a crappy lunch of wrapped sandwiches but at least the view was nice then headed on to another hike.

 Not sure why I took so many shots like this but I just love a tree lined trail that twists and turns through the forest. This is what most of the hike out to Taft Point was like. Again a beautiful hike and another less crowded trail. Which was nice after the crowds we had at Mariposa Grove and Glacier point for most of the day. My feet are starting to feel the work they have been doing and I'm pretty sure my blisters have blisters but wow this view at the end of the trail, sure made it worth it.

 Shawn and Athena by the railing I stood at to take the picture above. I was shaking and heights don't usually bother me at all. Holding on helped. And the last shot for today is looking down over the railing, I think Shawn read it is a 3,000 foot drop.

I almost forgot we stopped at Tunnel Veiw on the way back to the hotel, don't think we will make it back to this area on this trip so I am glad we stopped. Even though we are all very tired. A nice guy offered to take a shot with all of us in it, we look beat but at least we have one picture with all three of us in it. As I am going back over my journal and posting all the pictures I am amazed at how much we did everyday. No wonder my feet hurt for days after.

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