Wednesday, July 27, 2011

National Dance Day

I'm busy making prizes for a raffle for National Dance Day at Athena's dance studio, so anyone in Arizona reading this should come check it out!  Here is more info:

 is now enrolling for fall classes that begin August 1st. 
All levels and ages.
Combo classes

Come to our National Dance Day celebration July 30 11a.m-2:00p.m and receive free registration if you sign up and pay for a class that day!  Plus enter to win prizes and learn a dance for free!
Stagedoor Dance Center
17437 N. 71st Dr. Ste. 110

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Gift Bag

Not a lot of sewing this week again.  I did make a cute little gift bag for my nephew though.  Instead of the tote or purse styles I have done in the past I made this one a drawstring loot bag.  Hopefully he will find many things to carry around in it after he has enjoyed opening his gift.  I really like the idea of fabric gift bags.  It thrills both the crafter and environmentalist in me.  Plus with the right deal a yard of fabric is cheaper than a paper bag.

Athena and I also made some pillowcases for one of her teachers at dance that is going away to college in August.  It was fun to do a project with her.

I also did some prep work on a big project I'm working on.  It was mostly gluing and spraying enamel though.  And although those are fun things too, it's just going to be a while before I finish and am ready to share.  Especially since I have no idea what I'm doing!

I've also been playing an awful lot of Epic Mickey.  This game is so much fun I just can't stop playing it!

It's just about time to start thinking about back to school for us.  We took care of Athena's supply list this weekend and will probably do some clothes and shoe shopping sometime soon as well.  I want to attempt to make a lunch bag for her myself this year, so watch for that.  She is a little nervous about 5th grade, for some reason she thinks she is expected to be all grown up in 5th grade.  I know she will be fine and do a great job as she always does.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Seamstress in the House

Yes I'm still around.  After all those blog posts right after one another even just a week off seems like a long time.  I blame Harry.  I spent most of my free time last week re-watching all the Harry Potter movies with Athena to get ready for the finale.  Which we loved!  But I did manage to get a few things done, and look who learned how to sew!  Athena took a beginning sewing class at Joann's and made this pillow case all by herself.  She said she loves sewing and has big plans to make all kinds of things now.  Hope I don't have to arm wrestle her for time on the sewing machine.

I did manage to get a few projects done between all the Potter viewing last week.  I made this dress, headband and flip-flops for Athena.  The dress is straightforward McCall's pattern 6316.  It was cute just as it was so I didn't make any changes to it.  The headband is just my own pattern I made up form trial and error.  And the flip-flops were taken from this tutorial here.  I didn't have quite the amount of fabric it called for though so I'm not sure how long they will last.
I also managed to use up some fabric that has been in my closet for a very long time.  I made this skirt for Hailey.  It is basically a simplified version of McCall's 5811.  Elastic waist instead of a zipper and you could see through he fabric so I lined it in a pink cotton hemmed just a bit longer so it will hang down below the white skirt.  I think my favorite thing though is the bottom trimmed with brown bias tape, I just LOVE that part!  I also managed to make one more baby thing, but just in case I'm not posting a picture until I have given it to the new mommy.  I should hopefully have some awesome things to show off next week, if they all go as planned ;-)  Hope you all are having a wonderful summer!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Wonderful Memory

I guess turning 40 isn't so bad after all.  My wonderful, brilliant husband once again knew exactly what I wanted for my birthday, even though I had no idea.  He threw a surprise party at Old Chicago for Hailey and I!  I have never had a surprise party before, it was fantastic!  All the fun and socializing of a regular party without all the work and planning ;)  I'm still trying to figure out what kind of Jedi mind trick he used to get Hailey to suggest going to Old Chicago for dinner in the first place though.  Thank you everyone that was able to make it, you made my day very special and one I will never forget.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tomorrow I'm 40

I used to think 40 was the age old people were.  I don't feel old, maybe that will change tomorrow.  Sure sometimes when I've been sitting too long my body creaks when I stand up.  And yes sometimes my eyes take a little longer to focus these days.  But I am still mostly the same person I was at 20.  I would still rather see an action movie based on a super hero than a cheesy chick flick.  I still prefer my ice cream come in a cone.  Yet there are things that have changed, I no longer feel the need to stay up all night or even past 10:00 just to prove I can.  And who ever would have guessed that I would not only know how to sew but actually enjoy it?  So many birthdays to look back on now.

Look even at 4, I loved the Mouse!
7 was the year a little kitten crashed our 4th of July party.  I was in love and after we found out who she belonged to my parents let me keep her as a birthday gift.  I named her Tigger!

This might have been my 7th as well, but isn't it a great picture?  I remember this party and the popping balloon game.

I don't have a photo of my 13th birthday but it was one of my favorites.  Breakfast on top of the Space Needle is quite a memory.  I'll have to look for a photo the next time I visit my mom.

There was my 16th and cruising around in my little green Bug.
And no other birthday can compare to my 20th, when my Hailey came along and changed my world forever.
Another favorite was my 36th spent at my favorite place on Earth , complete with a Monte Cristo at the Blue Bayou.
And I know I will always cherish my 38th for the bonding experience I had with Hailey.
So many wonderful memories, and I hope there are many more to come.  And no matter what everyone is saying tomorrow or how I feel some days, I am NOT old yet :)  Maybe I'll spend my 50th in my beach house.....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

They Can't All be Great

This was supposed to be a post about how I made this awesome shirt for Athena using left over fabric and a lining made from a t-shirt in the Goodwill pile.  But it's not, because the shirt turned out too big.  I am getting tired of store bought patterns, even though I follow the reccomended size for the measurments they just don't fit right.  I think I am going to read up on how to make my own patterns in the near future.  Here is a shot of the shirt anyway, maybe it will fit her in a couple of years.

I did however manage to pull off a few projects that did turn out the way I envisioned them.
A couple of reversible headbands for the girls.
 After the hail storm last year that destroyed our pool chairs Shawn decided he was going to try his hand at re-strapping them.  Them he found these lounge chairs out for bulk garbage because the hail had destroyed them as well.  He did re-strap them all (but says he will never do it again).  I think they all turned out great and we have some more comfortable free chairs!

Some towel covers for our free chairs.
 I had some more ideas in my head for baby gifts but didn't make them in time for the shower last month so they will just be for when he gets here.  I sort of used a McCall's 6368 pattern for the burp cloths but changed it up a bit because I wanted more of the contrast fabric to show on the front.  The bibs were taken from this pattern.  And I used this pattern to cut out my ball but added the ribbon tags.
More fun baby gifts.
 I had so much fabric left over and couldn't decide what to make with it so I decided I would make a fabric gift bag that can be used as a quick trip mini diaper bag.  Or even just a bag to hold toys.  I hope mom and baby enjoy all of these things, because I enjoyed making them all.
Fabric gift bag!
This has also given me an idea for upcoming birthdays!  I don't want to say too much yet but can someone tell me if boys like bags too?  Not a purse type bag but more of a drawstring loot bag.  I don't have boys but I'm guessing all kids like to have something to carry stuff around in right?

I also made a very cool pair of shorts for Athena out of an old t-shirt of mine.  I haven't had her pose for a picture yet though so that will be in the next post!

One more question.  I'm not sure if anyone reads this blog other than my mom and husband, but if there are other readers out there, are you getting tired of all the craft posts?  Should I make a separate blog for those and keep this one just about what is going on in our lives?  Be honest :)