Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Student of the Month

Athena is Student of the Month! We are very proud and enjoyed going to the assembly today to see her receive her award. This is what her teacher had to say about her:

"Athena is a strong reader, pushes herself in math, loves to write and is a caring friend to others. I have seen many moments of tenderness in Athena that have shown Athena's true character. She is a good citizen, picking up trash and keeping her area neat and tidy. I can trust that Athena will follow through when she is asked to do something. She is a very responsible student and articulates her thoughts and feelings very well. Athena is going to go far in life!"

All the 2nd grade student's of the month!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nothing to Blog About

I have been missing my blog time at the computer but have had a very hard time trying to think of anything to blog about lately. January is such an uneventful month. The holidays are over and everyone goes back to school and work and I have to get back into the swing of my day to day chores again. Hailey had auditions this week, but that really doesn't involve me, other than showing support. So I've turned to planning Athena's birthday party. I can't believe my baby is going to be 8! So I am looking forward to February and more opportunities to have something to blog about.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ahh the silence

Well things are all back to normal today. The kids are back to school and Shawn is not working from home today so I have the house to myself and it sure is quiet. Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years celebration and I hope that 2009 is a good year for all our loved ones. It is going to be a pretty big year in our house what with our baby graduating! I can hardly believe it is so close now. I'm not really a big resolution maker but I do have a few goals for the year. Last year I learned how to knit and it turned out rather well so I'm thinking I will try something new this year too, maybe quilting. We also have lots of projects we want to work on in our house. The few rooms left that need to be painted and we hope to re-tile our master bath too! So here's to a great and productive year!