Sunday, July 13, 2014

April Fun

April was full of fun activities. Athena danced at a community event, it's always fun to watch her perform. Just look at that happy face!

We also had another visitor in April. Our nephew Jonas sent us his Flat Stanley. I just had a blast with him, taking him everywhere with us and posting pictures on Facebook. He rode to school with us a couple of times and we had to get a shot by a Saguaro cactus to send home with him.

Athena also got to ride a horse for the first time. Her and two friends got to have an hour long lesson, she was really scared but did a great job and had a blast!

Braces off

After about 3 years of orthodontist work Athena is now braces free!! Such a beautiful smile. Shawn promised her a popcorn machine when she got them off because she really missed popcorn.

Spring Break

Back in March my mom came down for a visit during spring break. We had lots of fun with her, she painted with the girls. Set up a little art studio on the back patio for her and Athena to paint some more. Her and I even went to an adult tap class at the studio, lots of fun!
We took a bike ride in the wash one morning, the weather was beautiful.

Then we finally made it to the horse track! And it was even the weiner dog race day. They were adorable and even watching the horses race was fun. Athena got a picture with one of the winners!

I always love when my mom visits and I get to spend some time with her.