Sunday, June 30, 2013


Meet our new furry family member, Bindi! The kids (mostly Shawn) have been wanting to get a new dog for a while now but I said we needed to wait until after vacation. Well the day after vacation Shawn somehow got me in that car again and we were out searching the valley for pet adoptions going on that day. I have to admit I was not really looking forward to the work of having a puppy and was kind of hoping to find a dog that was about a year old instead but when I saw her adorable little face it was love at first sight. She has such a mellow temperament. She was playful without being too spazzy and we didn't hear a peep out of her until she had been in our house for a few hours. I was wondering if she was part Besinji and would never bark. The shelters guess at breed is Australian Cattle Dog (or Blue Heeler) she is just adorable and seems very smart. I have to laugh though because we were warned by the folks at the shelter several times about how high energy this breed is and that she would need a family willing to give her lots of play time and exercise, but this is how she spends about 80% of her day.

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