Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dancing at the Fair

We had a great day at the Fair this year. The weather was just right, we had a good seat to watch Athena dance. Hailey got to pet a bunch of llama's. We tried some crazy deep fried foods. My deep fried watermelon was a pretty big let down though.

Exciting Week!

Way back in September Athena had an awesome week. After making a photo collage on her own she was chosen to be on the yearbook team at school this year. Then at dance she was chosen to be Dancer of the Month because of her determination and wonderful attitude she brings into the studio everyday. And I let in and let her get her hair colored for the first time ever. She went blonde! It looks great and we are so proud of the wonderful young lady she is becoming.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

1st day of 8th Grade

How can it be that my baby is in 8th grade. This is it, last year before High School. I'm going to just try and enjoy every moment because I've found that trying to slow down time just doesn't work.

La Jolla 2014

Day 1: We just really wanted a relaxing, mellow vacation this year so I booked a week on the beach in La Jolla. We took the 8 for a change of scenery and it was a pretty nice drive with very little traffic in town. The hotel is right on the beach and we even have a slight view of the ocean from our balcony. I was bummed about  the crowds at the park next to the hotel but we ended up having fun people watching with our coffee every morning.
Day 2: Found a fun little bistro for breakfast and ended up eating there almost every morning the rest of the trip. Then we hit the sand! Eric, our beach boy set up chairs and an umbrella so I had a shady spot to relax all day. I don't think Athena spent more than 20 minutes out of the water. She saw fish, rays, and a seal. Walked into town for burgers and in bed by 8:30! 

Day3: Shawn and Athena went out on a kayak tour this morning. I sat on the beach with binoculars and could see them the whole time. They saw dolphins, birds, and sea lions. They got close to the coves but the swell was too high to go in. Actually got in the car for the first time since we arrived today and headed to Shell Beach to see the tide pools. I have always wanted to check those out. Then we walked down to see the seals. I get such a kick out of them and could sit and watch them all day. It was so funny how they would hang out so close to each other but if one would touch another one they would get so mad and yell and scratch at the other one. Back to the hotel for a nap so we could stay up late for ice cream and the sunset. Another beautiful day!

Day 4: More beach today after sleeping in and a late breakfast. I think we are all ready to move onto something different tomorrow. Ended the day with a night stroll on the beach and I picked out my dream house!
Day 5: Breakfast at the hotel and then a walk to get more cookies from the Cheese Shop. Headed up the coast and stopped at Shaw's Cove to see some more tide pools. A lot more critters in these ones. Had lunch at Pie and Burger from the TV show Burgerland. It was delicious! Made it to the hotel and took a walk down to Citywalk. Lots of cool food and shops and very cool neon signs all over.
Day 6: After a very overpriced breakfast buffet at our hotel we were off to Universal Studios. Loved the Minion and Simpsons rides. Couldn't stop taking pictures at all the cool photo op spots. Was so excited to see Jaws still on the studio tour! I was beginning to think I wasted a lot of money on the Front of the Line Passes, then we went to ride the Mummy. The wait was an hour but we walked right on. The ride only lasted 2 minutes!! It was cool, but not hour in line cool. All the rides except Jurassic Park were just motion simulators so that got a little old. Loved the animal show and the plane crash in the Waterworld show but I think I've had my fill of Universal for a while. Got plenty of pictures though.
Wish we were really in London

Love the Minions!

Bike from the Mummy


Poor Bruce

Visiting Sherlock

Minion cupcake!

Minion goggles
Day 7: Heading home, but first maple, bacon donuts! YUM!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Recital 2014

I swear May and June are just whirlwinds every year no wonder I always fall behind in my blogging. Recital was a busy blast yet again this year. Always so much fun to spend time with my baby and her friends. We had tech rehearsal all day but managed to slip away for lunch with our friends.

Dinah (her idea to do "Prom pose")
We always try and get a shot with every teacher. Did pretty good this year only missed the guys because they are hard to find backstage.


Ms. Jan

Then there is always lots of goofing around and bonding in the dressing rooms. Such a great group of girls this year, going to be sad to see them all split up next year.

This is how I stop her from being grumpy!

She has always wanted to run down and dance in the aisle!!

Monday, September 15, 2014


June brought visitors to our sunny house. The Webb's, Mom, Papa and Ethan braved the heat and visited for a few days. There was lots and lots of swimming. A pool movie of course. Video games and Lego building. We even woke up really early one day to get in a hike at the White Tanks. It was a lot of fun and always so nice to have some visitors. 
One of the hardest things about living so far away from family is that Athena doesn't get to grow up with her cousins the way Hailey did. But it is so nice that when they do get together it's like they are around her all the time and are always so excited to see her.

Concert, Competition, Olympics

So it's catch up time again. Way back in May we had some fun stuff going on. Athena had her last choir concert of the year, complete with a fantastic duet! Here is a shot of her with her wonderful choir teacher Mrs. Walker. She is just amazing! The other shot is during her duet. She did a great job even though she seemed very nervous at the start.

Then we had a competition for dance. It was fun to see all the hard work up on the stage for the first time this year. The girls did awesome and we had a blast! Here they are goofing for the camera with Ms. Dinah. And with sweet Maggie.

After competition her studio held the 3rd annual Dance Olympics! Always a fun time for the girls to get to have some fun after all the hard work they have been doing.