Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Day

So my baby is now in 7th grade. It seems like just yesterday she was starting Kindergarten. She was a little nervous but so excited too. She made it into Ensemble Choir so she will get lots of extra days of singing. Bindi and I are going to miss having her around all day with us.

I also finaly finished that big nursery project I was working on for months. Actually I finished it back in June (before the baby was born even) but am just slow at getting the pictures up of it. Anyway here they are too just in case you wanted to see the final product.

This was my friend's inspiration. She wanted a nursery just like this.
Bright and Modern Orange, Turquoise, Gray Nursery Chevron Bedding

I was most afraid to make the curtains but they turned out the be the easiest part! I love the chevron print. (the photos get better after this)

I made the cover for the changing pad on the dresser in this shot.

How fun is all the bedding? Apparently it isn't safe to have bumper pads anymore so we went with the teething rail covers to pull in the fabrics she wanted. It's reversible and has the blue chevron on the other side. Then I made the sheets too, there is another one with the green squares so she can change it out. I made this one bigger so you can sort of see the orange piping around the edges, I just love that part!

There was plenty of fabric left over so she asked for a blanket with Minky on the other side. I've never made a quilt before so I came up with a very simple arrangement of all the fabrics we used. (sorry another crappy photo)

I made these as a surprise. The knitted blanket was so much fun to make (even though I started over 3 times) even though it didn't quite end up the size I wanted it to be. I'm still learning when it comes to knitting.

It was such a fun project and I hope baby Nixon and his parents enjoy his room for years to come.

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