Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Costume in the Works

I don't have a picture of a finished project today but here is a shot of what I have been working on.  Athena's Halloween costume!  She is going to be Luna Lovegood (from Harry Potter) this year.  I couldn't find a pattern that was just right so I decided to take the crazy woman route and make up my own.  That's what everyone does right?  Well I did get a good start from a tutorial here.  But it still wasn't exactly right for me, so I made some adjustments.  Athena chose gabardine (the Simon & Garfunkel song has been in my head for weeks!) and while is has the perfect drape, look and feel, it sure is a pain to work with.  There are black strings everywhere!  We are also making her radish earrings and butterbeer cork necklace.  I'm on my 3rd attempt at the earrings.  I think it's just about right but I'm pretty sure I am going to need a bigger piece of wire so will probably have to take it apart and start over.

Not too much else going on around here right now.  Just looking forward to the weather cooling off so we can enjoy being outside again.

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