Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Broken Zipper

I thought that when school started I would be able to sew even more.  Not the case.  I have hardly been in the sewing room the past few weeks, and my to-do list of crafts is growing.  Halloween is next month you know, I have to make my kids decided on a costume by September 1st so I can be on the lookout for pattern and fabric deals.  This year was pretty easy, Athena didn't even have to pause to think about it. 

I've also go that really cool big project I keep talking about, but can't actually work on until the weather cools off a bit.  I have a few new things for myself cut out and ready to go but just sitting in there waiting.  Oh and the sipper broke on Athena's lunchbox that I made.  So now I have to tear it apart to fix it.  Or just start over I haven't decided which would be easier yet. 

But life is good, school is going well for Athena, she is excited to be learning some new dances for Christmas, and Hailey is moving back in!

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