Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Cute

How cute is this fabric?  I made myself a new apron and hot pads this week.  My old hot pads were gifts from when we got married 20 years ago.  They were seriously disgusting!  I'm not kidding.  And how fun is it going to be to pull stuff out of the oven with these cute babies?  I also got around to fixing the zipper on Athena's lunch box, hopefully it will last a bit longer this time.

We are also in the planning stages of Halloween costumes.  Athena has decided to be Luna Lovegood, from Harry Potter, this year.  I'm excited to make her costume, well some of it anyway.  But as I look through photos from the movie I'm wondering how authentic I should make it.  Is Athena really going to care (or even notice) that her robes have a seam around the neckline where the hood is attached?  Will she notice or care that her blue lining isn't the exact shade of those in the movie? 

I also have at least one Christmas sewing plan in my head already.  Yeah I went there.  When you make gifts you have to start early :)

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