Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cookie Concert

We got into the Christmas spirit last night at Hailey's Choir Cookie Concert! It was a lot of fun and Hailey even had a solo! She did a great job and we all really enjoyed it. They have this concert in the band room and it was packed, I'm sure some sort of code was broken for the amount of people that can be in that room. They also serve cookies! So here is my first attempt at adding video to the blog, enjoy! (Note: she does sing the song with a boy that is off camera most of the time so that is who she keeps looking at. There was no way for me to get them both in the shot in the tiny band room)

1 comment:

  1. Bravo!!! What a fun performance - Great job Hailey! Too bad it was shoved into close quarters; at least it's good to know that my kids' school isn't the only one to do stupid things like that. I swear, I've hardly ever been able to breathe at a school performance of any kind! Thanks for sharing the video - it is a fantastic kick off to Christmas!