Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Adorable Organizer Strikes Again

Athena is our little organizer. While standing in line at the grocery store she can organize the candy shelf in seconds flat, and she loves to put all the nuts and bolts back in the proper drawer at the hardware store. This year her love of organizing has spilled over into the gifts under the tree. She has had them in many different stacks and organized by color, giver and now recipient. At one point they were all on one side of the tree so as to make room for Santa to put his gifts under there. Why this skill has never been used in her own room I will never know. This stacking is driving her sister nuts, and I admit I have been tempted to scatter them around each night after she goes to bed, but we have left them in the neat little piles so far. I have a feeling though that Santa is going to have some tricks up his sleeve come tomorrow night!

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