Saturday, December 27, 2008

Home for Christmas

Hopefully everyone had a fabulous Christmas! There were some great benefits to staying home this year. We got to stay in PJ's almost all day, I only put shoes on for a few minutes to take out some trash and we were much, much warmer than when we head up north! But there were some disadvantages as well. Like missing all our northern loved ones very much. And all the cooking! I love cooking for my family and especially for parties but I seem to have taken for granted all the great meals we get served to us when we visit Utah for the Holidays. Mom's ham and Christmas Eve spread. Mom and Papa's omelets and muffins on Christmas morning. Grandma Junes extravagant ham and turkey feast on Christmas night. Lasagna or Pie pizza with the Fullmer's and my mom fussing about to feed us in between all our visiting. So since we were away from you all here is a breakdown of our holiday!

We went to see Bolt on the morning of Christmas Eve. It was very cute and we all enjoyed it. Then we had a great lunch at the Yardhouse, enough food to feed us all dinner as well. Then since if we would have been in Utah we would have opened gifts at my moms on Christmas Eve we decided to open those up while the fire was getting ready for smores.

Cute socks from grandma!

And the traditional new jammies for the girls. This year they picked out the fabric themselves.

Then after smores, the reading of our favorite Christmas books and a viewing of A Christmas Story we put out cookies for Santa and headed to bed. Athena was up very early and woke us at 5:50 ready for presents!

Lots and lots of gifts were opened and loved by all of us. Thank you to everyone that sent us such great and thoughtful gifts. Then we moved on to the playing with toys part of the day. Athena was like any 7 year old and spent a few minutes on each toy before moving on to the next one. I hogged the computer all morning getting things loaded onto my new iphone! And Hailey spent some time under her bed trying to plug in her new digital frame. Shawn had to shuffle between us all acting as tech support for all our questions. We played our new Wii game together until I realized it was probably time to start getting things ready for dinner! Our adopted Arizona family (the Newton's) came over and we all ate and drank too much and had a very nice visit. As always I wish I would have taken even more pictures, and I know Papa there aren't any of Shawn or I. What can I say I'm a slacker! Oh well maybe next year.

Here's to a great New Year, hopefully 2009 will bring all our loved ones happiness! We love and miss you all and hope to see you soon.

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