Monday, October 6, 2008

Suddenly Fall, Homecomings and Beary goes to school

Fall has finally arrived in Arizona. It is still strange to have a feeling I can only describe as spring fever in October! There are no 100's in the forecast and this weekend was absolutely perfect. Many hours were spent just sitting on the patio enjoying the weather, watching Athena on the swing set. Sunday morning a breeze even blew through that had me wanting a sweater and slippers. Yay! It's my favorite time of year once again.

Hailey did some dress recycling recently when she went to not only one but two Homecomings. First she decided at the last minute to go to her own with a big group of friends. None of which had a date so they just went all together and had a great time.

Then she was invited to Homecoming at Sunrise Mountain by a boy she met in Summer Theater. She had a good time at that one too. She got to see all her friends from theater and it was a surprise to them that she was going to be there.

This is a picture of Beary going to school today. Athena's teacher has a really great reward system for the kids positive behavior. They receive Maldonado (her teachers last name) money for exhibiting good behavior. Then on Friday's they get to "visit" Maldonado Market and there are various privileges they can "buy". One time she bought the honor of sitting by a friend. Or there is one that is wear your slippers to school. She has been saving up to bring a stuffed animal to school for a while now and was very excited to take Beary along today.

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