Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I am the distributor of candy this year so thought I would blog in between trick-or-treaters. It was an odd day this year since Athena's school decided to enter the club of political correctness and not allow costumes at school. So this morning I sent my High School Senior off to school dressed as Mrs. Lovett and my 2nd grader had to wait until after school to wear her costume.
She did have a fun time at her "Harvest" party though. Shawn left work early and went with me as a surprise. She was very excited to have him there too! Then she was only home a couple of hours and asked to wear her costume so we put it on and had a photo shoot before dinner. Not sure if I was compensating for not getting to wear her costume to school, but I did end up with lots of pictures of Athena and only one of Hailey. Sorry Hailey. Maybe you can share some from your party with me? Hope everyone had a great night!

Oh yeah I can't forget Beary!

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