Monday, October 20, 2008

Better living through baking update

So those of you that remember me talking about better living through baking are probably wondering how my experiment turned out (or maybe not) Well.... to be honest it was too hard to keep up. It seems that if there is homemade bread in the house my family eats it up in an instant. And since Shawn is the one that usually makes breakfast on the weekends it wasn't really fair to make him cook muffins and pancakes form scratch all the time. But what I am proud to say is that I have not brought a store made cookie into this house for over 2 months! And we have found lots of new favorites! I found having home made cookies around was really quite easy since I could whip up a big batch of dough but only cook a tray full and freeze the rest in ready made balls of dough that could easily be popped in the oven and ta-da fresh baked cookies whenever we wanted them! So yes we could save a little money making our own baked goods but it was really hard. But I will continue to make as many things as I can at home, mostly because I know that the cookies and bread and muffins that I make have none of those ingredients that I can't pronounce in them.


  1. How do you freeze the cookie dough in balls without it clinging together into one lump all over again?

    I had to laugh about the ingredients you are unfamiliar with - I feel that way about 90% of cook books and cooking shows!!

  2. I put the dough balls on my big sheet cake pan lined with wax paper then freeze them on that and once frozen put them in a zip lock bag! so you need space for a big tray but only for a couple hours.