Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Take 2

So I have finally finished up my second of three Harry Potter book purses.  This one turned out so much better than the first one.  I had a brilliant idea to make the lining and sides all one piece so it was a lot easier to glue it all together and it makes for a much nicer looking edge.  Plus I went back to good ole E6000 instead of that crappy fabric hot glue.

So this one was meant for me, but now that it's done I'm not sure what to do with it.  I really like it but it's just not my style of purse.  I like to throw mine down and without a really tight closure on the top things tend to get lost.  Maybe I'll sell it to buy some fabric to make the purse I truly want that is in my head right now :)

I had better get lots of crafting in because next week people are coming to remove the popcorn ceiling in the last 2 rooms of our house that have it, yay!  Then we are going to paint and get a new couch.  So my spare time is going to be taken up with that sort of stuff soon.  But it will be so very nice to finally have it done.

Happy Spring!

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