Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter

  Hope you all had a nice weekend full of eggs and chocolate.  Ours was good, if not a bit crazy.  We had the popcorn ceiling removed from the vaulted ceilings in our dining and family rooms on Thursday and Friday and since they said it needs a week to dry before I tape off and paint the walls I decided the day before Easter would be a great day to paint the ugly red drop ceiling in the kitchen.  You know so it could be dry and ready to paint walls at the same time.  But I didn't really decide to do this early in the morning I waited until about 11:00 so we didn't really get started until about 2:00.  Luckily I had our Easter basket hunt all planned out ahead of time.  As most of you know I don't like to just hide the basket I like to make my kids work for it!  Usually with some sort of rhyming clues or pictures when they were younger.  I am pretty much rhymed out though after 21 years of Easter poetry so I had a new idea this year.

 We tied a bunch of yarn to each item and had it work back to an empty basket on the table, so they had to fill the basket.  It turned out really fun but took a lot longer to pull off than I thought it would.  At about 11:30 Shawn called it and we ended up putting the candy in the basket and just hid the other items.  We hit the sack exhausted!  When I wake up Easter morning I realize we forgot to hide the eggs!!!  So Shawn stalled Athena in her room while I sneaked out and crawled around under all the yarn to hide them.
  My favorite remark of the day was when she said "this one is still cold".  I mostly relaxed the rest of the day and then finished up my painting on Monday and Tuesday.  Now I'm ready to tackle the walls next week!

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