Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some Things

I have been a busy little crafter these days.  I figured out what to do with the beautiful leftover Tardis fabric from my last bag.  I made an apron!  Now I can enjoy it everyday, while I dream of the Doctor coming to take me away on an exciting adventure.  Did I mention that we are all caught up now and I have to wait until they make more episodes to see new Dr. Who.  Really very sad isn't it?

Then I have been trying to find fun ideas to use the pages from the Harry Potter book I cut up to make this purse a while back.  I saw a fun picture on Pinterest that gave me this idea to make magnets and necklaces.  They used pretty scrapbook paper instead but I thought these turned out pretty fun.  And boy were they simple, just some glass stones and mod podge, then glue either a magnet or jewelry bial on the back.  Anyone could do it really.

I needed to find the perfect gift for a friend that shops a lot and is a little hard to buy for.  On the plus side she loves hand made things :) I found this really great tutorial and knew I had found the thing for her.  She loves doing her own nails so I figured it would be perfect if I could be inspired and find just the right fabric.  I do belive I succeded, she loved it!  The only change I mad was a button closure instead of snaps, because buttons are cool.

I really need to work on my photography of craft items.  I take a ton of pictures and they look great on the little screen but then when I load them onto the computer they are blurry or dark.  Oh well nobody really cares about the pictures do they?

Next up I am working on another Potter book purse.  I am defiantly NOT using that crappy fabric hot glue this time around.  And if there is someone out there in blogland that would like to buy me a little boutique with a comfy little workshop in the back where I can craft all day and sell what I make, I'll split any profits with you ;)

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