Friday, March 2, 2012


Athena had a week full of birthday celebrating!  It started with a Monte Cristo dinner complete with candle.  She really is my kid as this is often what I choose for my birthday dinner.  We also went on a very cool field trip to JABiztown, it was such a cool experience.  It's a little town and all the kids have jobs and they get to run the town all day on their own.  There is even a TV station and Athena's friend went on air to sing happy birthday to her and the whole place joined in.  It was so much fun for her.

Then my mom came to visit for a few days and took her shopping for her birthday.  She had fun with that!  We also managed to get in a trip to the Botanical Gardens and Athena had a little party at Jumpstreet with a couple of friends.

We bought Athena a laptop for her birthday and I was reminded of her first laptop and how she always liked to "work" with her daddy.

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