Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Potter Purse

So here it is, finally finished and blogged about.  I have been working on this craft for almost a year.  Finding the time and the materials (most specifically a book I was willing to cut up) proved slightly difficult.  I actually finished it right after Christmas but I am not entirely in love with the results so I guess I put off posting pictures of it.  I decided to try out some fabric glue gun sticks, but didn't realize they dry a sort of yellow color. I'm hoping to find a sharpie to match the lining and color over the glue someday.  I could never get the clasp just right and it is very difficult to close.  But I love the idea and the colors of the handle and fabric lining.  I already have in my possession a copy of Half Blood Prince ($2 at Goodwill) to make another one.  So I guess I can try out some other methods.  I looked at so many tutorials to even mention them here, just google book purse and what comes up I probably read, but in the end I just sort of went for it and did my own thing based on everything that stayed in my head after reading.  Now I am trying to come up with ideas to use all the pages from the book.

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