Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tu-Tu Wreath

I know I have mentioned that I have recently become addicted to Pinterest.  It is so much fun, and so inspiring. I saw the cutest tutu wreath on there one day and was dying to make one.  Unfortunately my girls have sort of both grown out of that type of decor and it certainly didn't fit in anywhere else in my house.  One day while I was searching for supplies to make some hair bows for Athena's dance class I noticed some tulle in the exact colors of her dance studio's logo and I was struck with a brilliant idea.  I mean what better place for a tutu wreath than a dance studio right!?  so while I was inspired by one on pinterest, there weren't really any tutorials so I just went for it, it really isn't that difficult, if you want to make one and don't have any idea where to start just email me and I'll walk you through it.

I also found these fun bracelets on Pinterest.  This site here has some really great tutorials and even sells all the supplies at a good price.  I had most of the stuff I used around the house already though.  These were just my first practice ones, I've since made a few more for the girls for Valentine's but didn't have a picture of those.

And if that weren't enough craft for one post here is a pic of the hair clips I came up with for Athena's most recent dance costume.  They were quite possibly the most fun I've ever had making a hair clip :)

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