Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some Hand Made Gifts

I made a few fun things this year as Christmas gifts.  The girls got the usual new pj's.  I also made a few pairs for a few special people but seem to have lost the picture I took of them or I never actually took a picture just thought about it.  I love making pj's, they are such an easy and quick thing for me now and always seem to be loved by the recipient.  I also love how I accidentally got a great picture of Bubbles :)

I think my favorite thing I made this holiday season was this little outfit for Shawn's sister who is expecting.  It's been a while since there was a baby girl on the way and I have had this tu-tu idea in my head for a long time.  And it just so happens that baby's daddy is in a band so I got to do some more freezer paper stenciling too and put the band's logo on the onesie.

I had an idea last summer for a great teacher gift this year.  My tote bags with matching notebook and pencil cases.  The thing is Athena has three teachers this year!  It was fun though.  Athena picked out the fabrics for each one to make them unique to each teacher.  They seemed to like them and I think I may use this idea for any birthday parties Athena is invited to that we have no ideas for.  They are another item I can whip up pretty fast now that I have made so many of them.

Also in the missing photo category, I made a bunch of gift card holders using a form of this tutorial.  Although I made a few changes to make them my own.  Another thing I think I am going to just make a few of with scraps to have around in case the need for a gift comes up.

So that's about it for things I made for Christmas.  Next time I blog I will have the few pictures I actually took while we were in Utah to post.  Hope you all are enjoying the New Year.

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