Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So Behind

I am so behind in blogging now that soon it will be Athena's birthday and you will be seeing Christmas pictures!  I would really love to get to a point where I can fit in blogging on a daily basis or at least weekly, but for now life gets in the way.  So for now enjoy some shots from our trip to Utah, I didn't take nearly enough.  And please don't take it personally if I didn't take any the day we visited you, it isn't that I didn't want any pictures of you it's just that it slipped my mind the camera was even in my purse!  I swear I need to start wearing it around my neck again so I remember to take pictures.  And how did I miss getting a picture of Hailey in her Nana sweater?!!  Anyway here are a few shots I did manage to get.
Athena in the tree at my mom's house.

This is my adorable little great nephew (is that what you call the son of your niece?  it sounds so strange) Parker with his cat Moo.

Athena at the aquarium.

Andrew, Will and Athena with some penguin friends.

Athena and Andrew "driving" a boat.

On a frog.

Athena on the moon at the Planetarium.

Parker snuggling with Hailey.

The girls playing the organ.

My great niece Freya.  She is such a doll.

Christmas day at Nana & Papa's.

I think Eric is saying what everyone feels Christmas morning ;)

Athena in her new sweater from Nana, it's so cute!
Be sure to keep checking in as I have a few finished crafts to post soon and some news about a spelling bee!  Also check out our flickr because I did actually take a few more pictures that I will post there.  You can see that Athena had a closed eyes theme going on this year.

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