Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Seamstress in the House

Yes I'm still around.  After all those blog posts right after one another even just a week off seems like a long time.  I blame Harry.  I spent most of my free time last week re-watching all the Harry Potter movies with Athena to get ready for the finale.  Which we loved!  But I did manage to get a few things done, and look who learned how to sew!  Athena took a beginning sewing class at Joann's and made this pillow case all by herself.  She said she loves sewing and has big plans to make all kinds of things now.  Hope I don't have to arm wrestle her for time on the sewing machine.

I did manage to get a few projects done between all the Potter viewing last week.  I made this dress, headband and flip-flops for Athena.  The dress is straightforward McCall's pattern 6316.  It was cute just as it was so I didn't make any changes to it.  The headband is just my own pattern I made up form trial and error.  And the flip-flops were taken from this tutorial here.  I didn't have quite the amount of fabric it called for though so I'm not sure how long they will last.
I also managed to use up some fabric that has been in my closet for a very long time.  I made this skirt for Hailey.  It is basically a simplified version of McCall's 5811.  Elastic waist instead of a zipper and you could see through he fabric so I lined it in a pink cotton hemmed just a bit longer so it will hang down below the white skirt.  I think my favorite thing though is the bottom trimmed with brown bias tape, I just LOVE that part!  I also managed to make one more baby thing, but just in case I'm not posting a picture until I have given it to the new mommy.  I should hopefully have some awesome things to show off next week, if they all go as planned ;-)  Hope you all are having a wonderful summer!

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