Monday, June 27, 2011

More Sewing Projects

Sorry this is sort of turning into a blog all about my sewing projects, but it is 114 outside and my sewing room is nice and cool so that's where I am spending most of my time.  Plus I had to make use of all those supplies I bought last week didn't I? 

First I'll start with the roman shade I made for the back door.  It wasn't exactly fun, and I still have issues with it.  Like the way the cord to lift them is under the shade.  But it is a temporary solution to the problem of the sun coming in and cooking us during the evening hours.  We plan on eventually buying a new door with the blinds inside the window but for now this $10 fix was much more affordable.  I used this tutorial.

Next I made a couple more of those really cute notebook covers.  I initially bought the floral print to make one for myself but then found the cherries in my scraps and can't decide which one I like better to keep for me :) I had planned on putting one away for a future gift possibility but I'm not sure I can part with either of them!


Lastly I made up some summer jammies for Athena as requested.  She picked out the fabric and seems to love them!  I like how quick I can crank these out now.  I remember when it would take me weeks to make a pair now I just need about an hour.

I also cleaned and oiled my sewing machine this weekend.  Wow what a difference that made.  I still have my eye on this beauty though but waiting while I save up for it will be much more bearable if I remember to clean and oil more regularly.

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