Saturday, June 25, 2011

$52 of Joy

 I have been busy in my sewing room the past weeks.  Athena has this old dance costume of Hailey's that she likes to play dress up with.  It is getting too small so when Jan gave me a bunch of fabric earlier this spring she asked if I could make her a new one out of it.  So I did!
Old one

New one

Athena is always having a hard time finding both ballet shoes in her dance bag.  She can find one but never both, so I made this quick, simple drawstring bag to keep them in and hopefully make it easier for her to find them.

Then I made a trip to Joann's for some more supplies!  For only $52 I got fabric for Athena's sewing class project, some fabric and t-shirt for some summer p.j's that Athena has been wanting, some fabric to make myself one of those fun notebook covers I made a couple weeks ago, lots of on sale patterns for the future and some clearance home decor fabric to make this for our back door.  I'm tired of the sun hitting me in the face while cooking dinner :)

I also made a couple organization purchases.  I hate how all my needles fall on the floor every time I pull them out to change, how cool is this?!

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