Thursday, February 6, 2014

Enjoying Winter

One of the best things about living in Arizona is winter. I hate snow and I hate being cold so living in Arizona is perfect for me. But some years we get so busy that before we know it winter is over and we have to be inside or in the pool. Don't get me wrong I enjoy our lazy summer days of swimming, watching movies and playing video games in our air conditioned house, but I just love being outside when it's a perfect 72 degrees. So I have been trying to make a point of planning some outings and getting our butts outside while we can and really enjoy our fabulous weather this year. So we took a trip to Castles and Coasters for a round of mini-golf. They really do have a cool course, actually 4 of them. So here we are in short sleeves and sunglasses on a fabulous January day. If I remember right Shawn barely won with only a few less strokes than Athena. Crazy considering I think this is only her 2nd or 3rd time mini-golfing!

Athena is really good at taking selfies, must be her long arms.

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