Friday, February 7, 2014

Chihuly at the Garden

Decided to take advantage of Shawn and Athena both having Martin Luther King Jr. Day off and head outside. There is a new Chihuly exhibit at the Botanical Garden right now and I have been dying to go see it. The last time he did one it was just fantastic! In fact I think I will start with a picture from the last time we went just so you all can enjoy how much little Athena has grown up. I thought I had blogged about it last time but I guess not. Must have been too busy. Isn't she so cute and little? And look at her now, all grown up and beautiful! Taller than her mom and sister and gaining ground on dad.

Now back to this visit, it did not disappoint. Even though the parking lot was very full it didn't really seem that crowded inside the garden. And the weather was so nice we couldn't believe how fast we walked the whole place. I guess it is usually warmer when we go and it just makes it so much harder. 

So this shot has a funny story. We were all joking around, as we are known to do, and commenting on how serious so many people were of photographing the displays. So after we waited a while watching a woman take about a million shots of this one Athena and I ran over to take a selfie as Shawn jumped in behind us to  photo bomb the shot. People must have thought we were crazy! Another fun winter day.

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