Wednesday, March 27, 2013


So here it is spring once again. Life has been somewhat uneventful the past couple of months. We finished up Athena's room remodel and are all very happy with the results. She also turned 12 and is growing like crazy! I'm a little sad to put the little girl days behind us but it is also a lot of fun hanging out with her, she makes us laugh all the time.

Her new bed, still working on organizing the shelves.
Her new dresser and artwork :)

How adorable is this coat rack?!

Shawn and I took a little overnight trip up to Heber Arizona for our anniversary. Can you believe it's been 22 years!? Seems like we were just those newlywed kids yesterday, time flies when you are having fun right? We tried to hike the Mongollan Rim trail but the wind was just too cold. We rented a little cabin and just enjoyed some quiet time together. Took the long way home and loved the drive through Salt River Canyon, just beautiful.

The cabin we stayed in.

Here's to 22 more years :)
Now I am enjoying the last quiet week of March because April, May and June are going to be very busy! We have a dance competition and school play to get ready for. We are very excited to meet up with some of our family in Disneyland in May and then recital and our week in Yosemite in June. Going to be a fun few months :)

Hope you all are well and enjoying your spring!

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