Friday, February 8, 2013

Archery Pics and New Room

Happy February! Life has been pretty normal around here these days. I'm kept pretty busy keeping Athena in all her activities. Plus I have been busy with sewing projects since Christmas. The girls both wanted new purses like my TARDIS bag I made last year so I gave them the hardware as a Christmas gift and then we went to the store to pick out fabric for them, together. I think they had fun having a say in what it would look like. Here is a shot of the finished products.

I admit, Athena's choice of something so generic as her initial didn't seem like much fun at first, I really do love how it turned out with her fabric and color choices. And can I just say I am in love with the snitch I painted on the inside pocket of Hailey's.

I also had a project for the dance studio that kept me pretty busy most of last week. Didn't get a picture of that yet though, but it was fun too! Then we have been  working on painting Athena's room. She has been wanting to do it for a long time now and we made the deal that if she gave up a big party this year we could go all out and get some new furniture too. She was happy to agree. Here is what it looks like now.

We still have some plans for fun things on the walls and she needs to work on arranging the shelves more but you get the idea of where we are going right? Athena did a great job too, I cut in and did a few tricky spots above the window and closet but other than that she did all the painting by herself. It was awesome!

She also had picture day at archery a few weeks ago. These are a couple of my favorites. I love her eyes! 

She seems to be enjoying her new bow and has been shooting a lot better with it. 
Well I guess that is it for this update, maybe I'll make it once a month this year! 

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