Monday, April 30, 2012

Life Right Now

I am in the midst of dance costume season!  We have a competition on May 12th so I have been busy doing alterations and making accessories.  I love doing it but it leaves very little free time.  We have been having lots of fun too.  Athena and I went to a dance convention a few weekends ago where she got to strut her stuff with Twitch.  She had a blast!

We also had a fun picnic with the dance studio a couple of weeks ago complete with 3 legged races.  I thought Athena and her friend Emily did great coming in 4th considering neither of them had ever been in a 3 legged race before.

I have also been working on a few projects, unfortunately I forgot to get pictures of some of them :( But here is a quick phone picture of a dress and headbands I made for our new niece Juniper.  Hopefully it fits her soon.  I also made some more tote bags this time for one of Athena's teachers.  She has new twin baby boys and she wanted bags to carry toys in for them so we used superhero fabric.  I was too excited to get them to her though and never took a picture.  I did remember to get a shot of the bag I made for our niece Lily as her birthday wrapping.

We even managed to fit in the time to take Athena to her first concert!  Florence and the Machine.  It was a great show, one of the rare times that live was actually better.  She had a great time too.  We asked her after what she thought and after a very long moment of complete silence she replied "I just cant put it into words".  It was a really fun family night.

I will leave you with this video of a fun game at the dance studio picnic!

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