Saturday, March 5, 2011

Best Field Trip Ever!

Athena and I just got back from a great field trip to the Grand Canyon. When I heard last year that we were going I was so excited. How cool is it to get to go to the Grand Canyon on a field trip? The only downside was sleeping on the bus. We met at school at 10:00 p.m. Thursday night. The bus drove to Flagstaff and sat in a parking lot for about 2 1/2 hours then we headed off to the Grand Canyon. We made it to the rim for sunrise, it was beautiful, even though there was snow and it was pretty cold it was great. We ate breakfast then headed on a 1 1/2 mile hike along the rim. We were just feet from deer, got some really great views and even learned a few things.

We headed out to Watchtower Point for lunch and a great view of the canyon from the tower. Athena chickened out at the second to last level though. I can't understand how a child of mine could have any issues with heights? As we were looking out at the canyon, we were the only ones around and she says to me "this is so amazing, and to think nature did this, not a guy with a chisel" She is so awesome! It was still pretty chilly but luckily we found a spot inside to eat our lunches.

Back on the bus and on our way to Wupatki. This is a great preserved pueblo village of sorts. We have been there before but got to see and hear a few things we didn't last time thanks to our great guide Autumn.

Our last stop before dinner on the way home was Sunset Crater. Very cool, but it was so cold. The wind was blowing and it was just miserable. Luckily Athena's teacher told the guide that they will learn about Sunset Crater and take a field trip there in 5th grade so it was just a quick stop. The guides were awesome, they kept the kids engaged and learning while having fun the whole trip.

We were back home at about 8:30 Friday night. Exhausted with every muscle in my body aching! My very sweet husband scheduled me a massage today though so I am feeling great now.

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