Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Everyday Life

In the hopes that someday this blog will be more of a digital journal for generations to come I am going to try and post more often about everyday life. So if you are a regular reader sorry if I bore you to death.

Right now life around here is about finishing the den! We bought a new desk, unfortunately half way through building it Shawn realized the top had a crack in it. The company was very nice to ship out a replacement part though so we are just patiently waiting for it to arrive. For now it sits partially built in the corner of the room. We also made the trek out to Ikea this past weekend and found this great alternative to the usual office filing cabinet. I just love it! And the doors can even be covered with fabric once we have furniture to coordinate with it.

Isn't cool how it will hide all our files, paper and even boxes of video tapes! I need something to go on top though. We had originally pictured a window seat with the file drawers beneath it, but I like this better. Soon the den will be done and we can move onto painting the dining room! I'm so excited to be rid of all the orange in this house!!!

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  1. I love the file cabinet! You should have told me you were going to Ikea. I've been dying to roam around that giant place again! Looks cute momma.