Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How I Spent My Spring Break

Last week was spring break for us. In between playdates and lunch dates with friends I managed to get in quite a bit of crafting! I made some practice masks for Athena's ballet class, I also made the prototype of the finished product and covered all the base pieces with fabric. I made myself a pair of summer pajamas and Athena a cute new sundress with flamingos on it. I also did some work on a couple of gifts I'm working on, but no pictures of those because they are a surprise! We also finally finished the den!! Yay! As much as I tried I could not get a good picture of the room, so you will all have to just come over and see it in person. It really turned out great, I love it. I do want to get a magnetic memo board and maybe some art for over the desk. And we are going to paint the arcade and bring it back in, so I guess technically it's still a work in progress. Now painting the dining room is top of my list. If only I were really tall, scraping the popcorn ceiling in there is going to be tricky.

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