Monday, February 22, 2010


We have finally started the remodel on the den! I have scraped the popcorn ceiling off and today will continue to give it a final wipe down before we apply the new texture and then paint! Yay! I am so excited to be rid of the dark green and wood paneling. For the room with the biggest windows it sure is dark and gloomy all the time so hopefully a fresh coat of paint and new desk and shelves and tile floor with help out with that. We have also decided that since we are going to tile the floor we might as well attempt to replace the tile in the rest of the house with something nicer that the orangeish beige the house came with. And then naturally that lead to talk of a small makeover to the kitchen/family room! Not the big new cabinets and major remodeling I have dreams about, but at least a refinishing of the cabinets and new counters and floor, decent color paint on the walls and a ceremonial burning of the ugly brass mini blinds! I mean really what were the previous owners thinking? Brass blinds, seriously? So stay tuned for my updates on the progression of our fun project.

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