Saturday, November 22, 2008

Unconventional Thanks

So here it is almost Thanksgiving. I'm sure just about every blog out there will have a well written, meaningful post about all the wonderful things in life they are thankful for. Well yes I am thankful for the obvious things, the health and happiness of myself and family. Or the good old my husband is still employed. But you know what, those are the easy ones, of course I am thankful for those things, who wouldn't be!? So instead I am going to share a few of the little minor things in life that I am thankful for this year.

1-The perfect fabric on the clearance table
2-That our next president is capable of pronouncing the word NUCLEAR!
3-A really great book that makes me cry
4-My children and pets are already potty trained
6-Fresh baked cookies

Okay your turn. Click the comments below and tell me what you are thankful for, don't be shy. And remember no easy ones! ;)


  1. Guess you have to have an account to post comments, these are from my mom!

    I am thankful for watching tv at your home and fast forward through the commercials

    painting a picture and it turns out great

    solving world problems on a fine hike with girlfriends

    biking on a beautiful fall day with no head wind


    retirement! retirement! retirement!

  2. I've been thinking about this for a while, here's my small list of unconventional things i'm thankful for:

    1. Jeans with a little bit of spandex

    2. Laffy Taffy

    3. Ultrasound Machines

    4. Online Shopping

    5. Polar Fleece

    6. Global Warming (i know that's bad, but the longer the summer the happier i am!)

    Thanks for the challenge Kathy, that was fun!

  3. These are things Athena is thankful for.

    I'm thankful for my house [of course] rain my job and my pets.

  4. I am thankful for staying 12 hours a day at school and enjoying it.

    For the "woo!" girls and their ability to make any situation enjoyable.

    For my best friend who is aware there is life after high school, and is also aware that we probably will lose touch, but makes the current time enjoyable anyway.

    For singing the same 14 Christmas songs over and over and over again.

    For meeting new people, sharing interests in music and finding common ground.

    For Peppermint Mochas every Friday morning.

    For a good book that makes me think too much.

    For a scholarship opportunity that makes at least one decision for me.

    For a Grandmother who comes from out of state to see me doing what I love to do.

    For laying in bed with my sister, playing video games, and being young[er] again.k that makes me think too much.

    Just a few. =]

  5. The unconventional things I'm thankful for:

    - the 22nd amendment
    - the fact that old people are losers anyway, so I can be as geeky as I want
    - all of the musicians out there who help keep me from going insane each day
    - my riding lawn mower
    - Call of Duty 4
    - the Utes waited until I had season tickets to go 12-0