Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Triangle Factory Fire Project

Hailey's final fall play of High School came to a close Friday night. She did a very good job and we all enjoyed it. She even pulled off a very difficult Yiddish accent throughout the whole play! Some of the kids seemed to lose their accents here and there. So here are a couple of pictures from a couple of nights. There are more on our flickr page if you want to see those too!

This first shot is during the fire and the girls realize the door is locked.

This is Hailey's character on the stand. The court scene was why she wanted to be Kate Alterman.

This is her final scene with the manager of the factory. She has to pretend to forgive him to try and get a job. Then when he tells her that he was fired and can't give her one he asks "do you still forgive me?" Kate: "NO" Very powerful scene, only made more so by the fact that she is in it with her ex-boyfriend!

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