Saturday, August 2, 2008

Better living through baking

So I read an article in the paper this week that was discussing the amount of money spent on convenience. It talked about giving up things like shredded cheese and chopped lettuce. It even figured out that the price difference in buying shredded cheese was like paying someone $80 an hour to shred it for you! It went on to talk about how eating out less could save money, well duh. But since our family already eats at home an average of 5-6 nights a week and I never buy shredded cheese of chopped lettuce I got to wondering about what types of things I do buy out of convenience. So far I have come up with bread, cookies, muffins and tortillas. So I am seriously thinking about taking on an experiment in which for a month I will make these items from scratch just to see how much money we can save and if I go insane from all that baking. I am going to spend a couple of weeks gathering recipes and collecting data of how much we spend on these items normally. And maybe even come up with a few other things we could make from scratch. Anyway stay tuned to see how this goes I will update often. And any ideas or recipes would be great if you would like to donate to this silly experiment of mine.


  1. I've always been one of those "Time is Money" kinds of people. So I usually look for ways to save me both! But then again, in my case it's usually computer related, so that's not really going to help you in the kitchen.

  2. Actually you did help by bringing to my attention that I should keep track of TIME spent in the kitchen as well as money spent! Thanks