Friday, January 24, 2014

The Fair and Halloween

Way back in October Athena danced at the Fair. Then of course we had to walk around and find the strangest food to eat. It was a really fun day. We had deep fried White Castle burgers, deep fried red velvet cake, bacon wrapped cherries, and Athena had bacon flavored cotton candy. Let's just say we found the one thing that bacon doesn't make better, it was yucky!

For what I think is only the second time in her whole life I didn't make Athena's Halloween costume this year. She wanted to be Marceline from Adventure Time and while shopping one day we found the perfect shirt, she already owned leggings so we just needed red boots and an ax shaped guitar. We found blue boots that were perfect and painted them red. I cut the guitar out of several pieces of cardboard glued together and Athena painted it all on her own. She did an awesome job don't you think?

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