Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Some December Things

That's her on the far right
December  was full of activities. Athena's dance studio had a big charity show to benefit Phoenix Children's Hospital. It was a lot of fun, I was busy backstage and didn't really get any pictures though. I'm thinking I need to somehow convince Shawn to take up photography as a hobby so I get more shots of her on stage. They also danced at Glendale Glitters again this year. Luckily no rain this time around! We always love doing Glendale Glitters, even though it is a crazy, chaotic mess backstage :)

Athena and I finally made it to the Nutcracker this year. We have been wanting to go for years, but time just never worked out, but I made it happen this year. What made it even more fun is that a few of her ballet teachers from the past were in it! It was a really fun day with my little ballerina, that isn't so little anymore.

Athena also had a Holiday Choir Concert at School, I got a new video camera just in time to test it out at the concert. Here are a couple of my favorite songs they did. Please excuse the jiggles of the camera, it was my first time using it and I didn't put it on a tripod.

Since this was a Utah for Christmas year we celebrated our own Christmas (or as we sometimes call it Festivus) on the weekend before. It was a very nice, lazy day. I think the only reason I got dressed was to wear a new shirt, otherwise it would have been PJ's all day!
How adorable are these Thing onesies I found for the girls?
Roasting Festivus Eve S'mores
My beautiful girls on Festivus morning
Bindi likes her new toys
This has ended up being a very long post so I will make our trip to Utah it's own post, coming soon!

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