Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Halloween etc.

In honor of Halloween yesterday last week I am bringing my blog back from the dead!!! I'm not even sure there is anyone who still reads it but if there is I apologize for the lack of updates. Life just seems to get in the way. I've been sewing a lot, halloween costume, birthday gifts and a really fun wedding shower gift.
I had been wanting to try the vinyl on glass craft for a while but didn't have any ideas what it should say, so yay for Miss Dinah at dance getting married to give me the chance to make it. I love how it turned out and hope they do too. Athena got to be one of the bride toilet paper dress models during game time too.
We had a great time! I also made a couple more of my manicure bags as gifts for Athena's friends but I can't seem to find the pictures I took or I forgot and just don't remember forgetting! They seem to be the go to gift this year.

The day after the shower it was off to Disneyland!!  

I was so excited to see all the Halloween decorations, we even splurged and went to the extra trick or treat party one night. Athena loved wearing her costume into the park and got a picture with one of her favorites, Jack Skelington. Since she was dressed as Alice she had to pose in every possible location she could that had anything to do with Alice in Wonderland!
 In a teacup,by a lamp, and with the Cheshire cat were just a few.


The new parts of California Adventure are just fantastic! I love the new Partners statue with a more casual Walt and adorable Mickey. We had a couple of days with just Shawn, Athena and I and then my mom, Hailey and Drew met up with us on Wednesday. It was great to see my mom and have her tag along with us to my favorite place.
This is one of my favorite pictures ever taken! Even Shawn looks like he might just be enjoying himself.

I also really loved the decorations on these lamp posts!
There are lots more I will put them up on Flickr or Facebook someday in case anyone wants to look at them. But as always happens it was eventually time to leave Disneyland and come back to the real world.
At least coming home we had Halloween to look forward to. Now Athena's plan all along was to be Zombie Alice, but Disneyland has a rule about costumes being child friendly and she didn't want to take the chance she would have to go back to the hotel and change so she went as regular Alice there and then transformed into Zombie Alice on the 31st. Hailey did a great job on her make-up and even though I thought ripping up a costume I worked so hard on would be painful, it was actually a lot of fun :) Here she is zombified, poor Mr. Rabbit.
And don't forget the pumpkin!
So there you have it. October 2012 for the Arizona Evans clan. Hope you all had a wonderful month and that Fall is treating you right. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas sewing. We also got a permit to cut down our own tree this year so that should be a fun little trip coming up soon. I'll leave you with this great shot Athena got with her phone in Disneyland. 
So long October!

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