Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Legos and Beach and Whales, oh my!

Ahh vacation, I just love a perfect vacation.  The San Diego area is Arizona's backyard, so close and such a nice change for a few days.  We wanted to just get out of the heat and relax for a few days but Athena hasn't been to some of the attractions since she was 4 so we decided to hit Legoland and Seaworld too.  We got a great hotel right across the street form the ocean.  This shot is standing in our doorway :)

We ate breakfast at that table every morning and sat there on evenings that we weren't too exhausted.

The next day we headed to Legoland!  Hasn't changed much since we were there last, including any upgrades and repainting of decor.  We had a good time though but that will probably be the last visit for Shawn and I.  The new Star Wars miniland was probably my favorite.

And we couldn't pass up a photo with Harry and Hagrid!
Next day was some hardcore relaxing on the beach.  Athena was a little unsure of going out too far in the ocean at first but that didn't last too long.  She sure reminded me of Hailey this day, jumping waves and boogie boarding for hours.  At one point there was a seal about 2 feet from her, they both popped their heads up and noticed each other at the same time, it was so cute I wish I would have had the camera on her all day to catch it.

There was also some sand Hogwarts building.  Athena didn't want to build any old castle she wanted to build Hogwarts.  It isn't super fancy but we had fun.

The weather was perfect for our beach day.  June is usually pretty overcast everyday, locals call it June Gloom, but we lucked out and had a clear sunny day.  I even got my sunset I've been longing for.   

(Yes Athena is almost as tall as me)

Next day: Seaworld!! 
 It was really crowded, Shawn noticed they have a really good deal for an annual pass so we figured it was a lot of local's.  Even though it was crowded we had good timing to get great seats for all the shows we wanted to see. 
The dolphins just teased and never got any closer than this to anyone.  Starfish on the other hand can't move as quick so Athena got to actually touch one.

But the highlight of this day (aside from the hilarious Sealion show) was this walking down the path in front of us.
 We told Athena to walk behind them so we could take a picture that looked like she was in the Flamingo parade too.

So that's another wonderful vacation.  Here comes the cleanup crew.
After every show as soon as the people stood up and walked out they would sweep in and clean up.

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