Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busy Sewing

Happy November!  It's my favorite month to be an Arizonian, the temperatures are perfect.  We sat out on the patio Saturday night and cooked s'mores on the fire pit.  It was actually a little too warm with the fire going.  I can even practically smell that turkey roasting too.  I love Thanksgiving, it's my favorite holiday.

I think about blogging everyday but I just don't seem to get to it.  I have been spending most of my spare time in the sewing room.  I bought an extra Ravenclaw patch when I made Athena's Halloween costume just so I could make this jacket for her.  I love the way it turned out.  I used a pattern I had on hand for most of it but I added ribbed knit cuffs and waistband.  Now she will be toasty warm on those cooler mornings coming up next month.

I am really excited about my next project.  I have been making the pattern and started on a few parts of it but am awaiting some very special fabric I ordered online.  It's actually for me this time too!  So keep an eye out for more details soon.

We have also been doing some shopping to get ready for our trip to Utah!  Athena is ready with warm clothes, boots and a fancy dress for the wedding.  I even found something to wear to the wedding with high heels *gasp* there better be lots of pictures taken of that ;)  I also stocked up on sweaters to help me stay warm.

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