Sunday, April 25, 2010


Athena made breakfast this morning. It was Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, and Shawn helped a little, but it was pretty much all her. She is getting so grown up, even her teacher commented last week that she is like a little woman. And then in the same day I have this conversation with her:

Athena: (giggling) you are eating a marshmallow?
Me: yes.
Athena: (still giggling) why?
Me: because I have a sweet tooth and we don't have anything else sweet in the house.
Athena: (worried look on her face, glancing at the calendar) oh no! Did you go to the dentist?

So thankfully I am reminded once again that she is still a kid!

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  1. It was awesome! I'm still laughing over that one. I really enjoyed her company this weekend!