Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

It was so nice to not have school on Halloween this year. It gave me time to put curlers in Athena's hair, paint her nails and the girls carved their pumpkins. It was also nice to not have to rush through dineer! On Friday Athena had a fun party at school. Can you believe I forgot my camera?! Shawn surprised her by showing up for the party too, she loves when he is able to do that. They did a couple of crafts, including the cutest little bat pumpkins, and had some snacks. Then Saturday she went out trick-or-treating with Dad and Bubbles. She thinks her awesome costume got her extra candy, a few houses gave her 3-5 pieces because she looked so cute! She was only out about an hour but she had a great time and was done and ready to eat some of it. And since she is her fathers child, had to have a dose of Pepto around 9:00!

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  1. Heck yeah! Eat candy 'till you puke! The only thing that was lacking, if she wanted to be just like I used to be, was to sneak into our bedroom and wake me up just long enough to puke on me. To this day I still think Papa straight-arms anyone who tries to wake him up because of me!