Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Wow did I really miss out on a whole month? I haven't posted on here since August? I guess I'm just a blog about the happiness kind of person and September was not the greatest of months. We lost my dear sister Lisa, it is going to be so strange to visit for the holidays and not see her anymore. I will really miss her! Then Hailey was in an accident and Lovey (the Honda Civic) was totalled. Yes it is just a car and I am very, very grateful that Hailey is okay and was not injured at all. But that car marked a pretty big milestone in our life, it was the first time we could afford to be a 2 car family. But life goes on and it's October in Arizona, one of my favorite months! I'm busy making Athena's Halloween costume and then there is dance stuff to get ready. And of course Christmas to start thinking about. So hopefully October will only hold happy events and I will have plenty to blog about!

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