Monday, August 3, 2009

I hate Walmart

So anyone that knows me well has probably ended up in a political conversation or two with me about the many reasons I hate Walmart at some point. The fact that they don't pay their employees enough or give them any health benefits whatsoever. Or the fact that the poor women and children making all those "cheap" clothes in far away lands only get paid pennies a day so that they can pass the savings on to you. There is even the fact that every Walmart, even a brand new one, smells like BO. Do they pipe this scent in or what? But I do admit that on a rare occasion I do find myself in the pits of Hell. Like this weekend. Athena has been wanting a chemistry set for a while, but we decided we could do a bunch of stuff with regular household items. Shawn looked up some experiments online and made a list of items we needed. Borax, a glass jar, pipe cleaners, plus there were a couple of other things we needed. Athena needed new PJ's, I wanted a new pan with a pour spout for my sucker making. So we looked at each other and decided that the only place we could get all these things in one stop was Walmart. Well I haven't been tortured in a while so what the hell let's go! We wander around the whole store, dodge the crazies and find 1 or 2 things on our list. Well if you want to buy a glass jar at Walmart you have to buy 16. If your child wants pj's they better like nightgowns, that's all they have. And don't even think about finding a pipe cleaner in all those acres of stuff! After we left, the list unfinished, I decided we could have gone to Target and Joann's in less amount of time and gotten everything on the list! I guess I just have to be reminded once in a while that I hate Walmart!

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