Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1st of 3rd

WOW! My baby is in 3rd grade now. It seems like somtime over the summer Athena had that overnight transformation from little kid to little adult. She doesn't need help pouring the milk anymore (unless it's brand new) She can get pretty much any snack she wants herself, she showers all on her own. And boy does she have an awesome sense of humor! She had Hailey rolling the other day just by making an appropriate Big Lebowski reference. While I am a little sad to see the little girl go I love watching her blossom.

The school combined meet the teacher with curriculum night this year so Athena was with us for the curriculum part for the first time. She was a little overwhelmed getting all that information at once until I realized she isn't usually there for that part. 3rd grade is going to be a challenge but she is so excited! Cursive writing, division, algebra and writing a 5 paragraph essay by the end of the year are just a few things that were thrown at them. We love the teacher, she has a great philosophy about teaching and learning. And it was a great sign when Athena left the class on the first day with a hug for her teacher! One of the things she is most excited for is the Thursday spelling pre-test. If you get 100% on Thursday, you get to play a game on Friday while the rest of the class takes the test again. Since Kindergarten Athena has only missed 3 spelling words! She is never going to test on Fridays!

I have to mention though that it was more than slightly odd to not be taking Hailey's first day of school picture yesterday as well. Man I'm feeling old these days!

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